The Business Case for Data Archiving

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? I just Googled ‘What is an Infographic?’ I immediately received a very long list of hits. One of the first ones—and my personal favorite—is the Infographic that explains what an Infographic is. Pretty cool.

And this brings me to the topic of Data Archiving. A stretch? Maybe not if you look at data as a ‘picture’ as does the Infographic referenced above. In ERP systems there are great volumes of data that need to be tamed so that it can be sorted, arranged and presented. But in ERP systems, the data is more complicated and how to manage it can get dicey depending on the stakeholders involved and their requirements. For corporate databases, growth must be kept in check or it becomes unmanageable. And, for those using the data, it must be available instantly whenever and wherever it is needed.

So it begs the question: Why not archive it? After all, archiving saves money on a variety of levels! Isn’t that what the boss wants? Ahh. You have to build a Business Case for Data Archiving? Enough said. Let’s go back to the picture concept. Check out the infographic below and let me know if this helps. Also, if you’d like to share this infographic on your own blog or webpage, please use the “embed code” below the graphic.
The Case for Data Archiving Infographic

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