Business Process Improvement Solutions for SAP Applications

Dolphin addresses business challenges to improve SAP process performance

Business Process Optimization

From end-to-end solutions for procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes based on SAP software to human resources process tracking, Dolphin delivers a competitive advantage that drives cost savings, optimizes cash flows and fosters a lower total cost of ownership. Dolphin’s portfolio of business process and performance improvement and management solutions and capabilities include the following:

Accounts Payable: Process Tracking System for AP

Dynamic Discounting for SAP Accounts Payable 

Vendor Portal for SAP Accounts Payable

e-Invoicing for SAP Accounts Payable

Paystream Advisors Report: Solutions for Touch-less Accounts Payable

Human Resources: Process Tracking and Workflow

Workflow: Top 10 Reasons Why Using the SAP Business Workflow Engine Makes Sense

Imaging and SAP Business Workflow

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Supply Chain Management


Accounts Receivable for SAP Cash Applications

Order Management Automation for SAP

Procure-to-Pay in SAP

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