Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable (PTS-AP) for SAP Finance

Dolphin’s approach to Accounts Payable automation and optimization takes significant time and cost out of the Accounts Payable process while providing several options for a truly unique solution that addresses your specific business situation.

SAP Invoice Automation

Dolphin’s Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable (PTS-AP) is an SAP-certified solution with invoice automation. It automates the receipt of invoice documents and data into the SAP application and incorporates easy-to-use dashboards that enable greater visibility into the accounts payable workflow process. PTS-AP is tightly integrated with SAP and utilizes the SAP NetWeaver Business Workflow engine, SAP ArchiveLink technology and third-party content management solutions. This unique architecture enables AP users to stay within the SAP application to record or review transaction records, while non-SAP approvers can still access invoices and perform coding and approvals using email and a Web-based interface. PTS-AP also contains open interfaces to image capture solutions, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and e-Invoicing networks to minimize data capture inefficiency and errors.

SAP Accounts Payable Automation

An optimized SAP/Accounts Payable process using Dolphin PTS-AP delivers sustainable cost savings, cash flow management and risk mitigation. How? The Dolphin dashboard instantly provides real-time information and robust analytics tools to better manage your cash flow. Because all records are up-to-date and Web-accessible, business users can review and analyze a complete process history that is more accurate than ever. Businesses may improve vendor relations by quickly providing immediate answers to vendor inquiries rather than researching and making many calls to confirm. The time savings from automating routine transactions allows your AP staff to focus on dealing with issues, exceptions and the highest business priorities.

The Business ChallengeThe Dolphin SolutionThe Dolphin Solution Cont.Dolphin AP & Invoice Automation BenefitsCase Study: Large Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

Despite economic recovery, for many businesses, the key to success is to retain the lean efficiencies forced by the downturn, while investing in strategic programs that improve process effectiveness and contain costs. Standardizing and automating business processes such as Accounts Payable will ensure that your organization is ready for the upswing. Efficiency is critical to keep ahead of your competition and contribute to the bottom line.

Even in the best of times, automating Accounts Payable is a smart move. It directly supports an organization’s strategic mission to be productive regardless of the volume of processing or business levels, while conforming to financial directives such as reducing paper and waste, eliminating errors and improving throughput. The ultimate objective is optimization.

The bottom line is this: Efficient, effective Accounts Payable automation and optimization can have a dramatic impact on costs, productivity, risk management and the bottom line.

Dolphin builds the right solution for each customer, faster, to take significant time and cost out of the Accounts Payable process. Our Accounts Payable solution suite provides real-time information and includes an array of configurable options to fit each customer’s needs.

imvoice automation process by dolphin

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The solution leverages the Dolphin Process Tracking System framework which is also the foundation for our Accounts Receivable, Order Management and Human Resources solutions and has earned SAP® certification.

Multiple Invoice Inputs – Dolphin automates receipt of invoice documents and data into SAP, integrating scanning, optical character recognition (OCR) and e-Invoicing, along with robust analysis and reporting.

Real-time Information and Exception Handling – Dolphin’s unique Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable (PTS-AP) InfoCenter is the central point of access and exception handling to all Accounts Payable invoice data in the SAP system, regardless of the status (not posted, held, parked, blocked) or the delivery channel (EDI, e-Invoice, OCR, inter-company, ERS, Web). It essentially opens up the black box from within the SAP solution, providing visibility to where the invoices are in the routing process and fast access to the full invoice history, approval status and original document images.

Contain Costs, Optimize Cash Flow – Ideally, an efficient AP process should enable the department to control costs and optimally manage cash flow. Dolphin continuously enhances the PTS-AP platform with new tools and more analytics to help customers accomplish just that, including:

  • Invoice processing features to speed and track invoices in the system.
  • Enhanced SAP workflow to streamline and customize the process.
  • An InfoCenter Dashboard to assess invoice status, analyze productivity and forecast cash.
  • Advanced reporting features to track volumes, status and department productivity.
  • Dynamic Discounting and vendor portal.

Unique Options for Specific Needs – Every company has specific needs. Dolphin offers an array of add-on components that work within SAP to handle specific AP challenges, including:

  • Check Requests eliminates the disruption of emergency check requests with an orderly, integrated check request process as part of the standard invoice receipt, approval and payment processes.
  • EDI Interface and Image enables PTS-AP users to handle exceptions for both EDI and regular invoices with one tool.
  • Block resolution clears blocked invoices faster using SAP workflow and Web Approval resolution processes.
  • Service entry and acceptance streamlines entry, evaluation and acceptance of service details or timesheets.
  • Pre-approval/Auto-Coding/Pay within Range enables dynamic evaluation of non-PO invoice details to allow approval under defined parameters without routing via the workflow.

Dolphin customers have seen significant ROI from Accounts Payable automation, including:

  • Operational productivity increased by 40–80%
  • Cost per invoice reduced by 40–60%
  • Near elimination of human error from data entry through OCR software and e-Invoicing
  • Real-time visibility for confident cash management
  • Decrease in inquiry response time of 60% or more
  • Reduced cost

The Problem

  • Significant processing costs from two Shared Service Centers
  • Process inefficiencies caused delays in posting
  • Little or no visibility or in-house control of the process

The Solution

Dolphin Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable with header/line item OCR to create a centralized global process to meet the needs of 180 plants worldwide; vendor portal.

The Results

  • Streamlined AP process – cost savings $7 million and still saving!
  • Improved control and visibility
  • Processing more than 2.5 million invoices/year
  • OCR recognition rate > 70% for all European languages
  • Lower invoice process costs, shorter process cycle time, fewer late payments and short inquiry response time
  • Short implementation timeline –< 4 months to pilot

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