SAP Order-to-Cash (O2C) Process

Managing Documents Throughout the Accounts Receivable Process

The Order-to-Cash process is at the heart of your business. And yet, it is often surprisingly inefficient and difficult to track. Even the smallest error can make the process inefficient, quickly draining available capital and resources. Automating order-to-cash processes and linking documents improves cash availability by decreasing the number of touch points at each step of the cycle, speeding your receipt of revenue and boosting productivity.

The Order-to-Cash process touches key performance areas: sales order management, order fulfillment, billing, credit management, cash collection and cash application. Dolphin can help you streamline this process. Managing the Order-to-Cash process more effectively ensures that orders get delivered on time and payments are collected quickly. Moreover, it ensures that you recognize revenue in compliance with company policy, accounting standards and regulatory requirements. In many ways, how you handle the Order-to-Cash process is the most important aspect of a company’s relationship with its customers. Now, make it the most important part of your business process management plan by turning to Dolphin for help.

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