Business Process Solutions for SAP

Dolphin helps businesses using SAP solutions run better and smarter by saving time and reducing the cost of crucial business operations such as SAP accounts payable, SAP accounts receivable, sales order management and other processes.

Our innovative solutions were developed based on nearly 20 years of SAP-specific experience and are tailored to your organization’s unique needs. By leveraging the existing SAP workflow engine, Dolphin business process management solutions maintain a single system of record, which avoids redundancies, synchronization issues and making business decisions based on incomplete information. Our easy-to-use dashboards provide visibility into your business with instant access to real-time information. Robust reporting tools help managers make more informed decisions to manage the business and improve various financial processes.

Companies benefit from streamlining business processes with easy-to-implement Dolphin solutions by reducing and containing costs, boosting productivity through time savings and generally becoming a more nimble enterprise.

Data Management Solutions for SAP

Dolphin, focusing solely on customers running SAP applications, has the deep expertise to help complex organizations determine the best data and document archiving strategy for their needs.

Whether you need to archive data, manage retention times or decommission legacy systems, Dolphin has the experience and SAP add-on applications to enable your enterprise to more effectively manage information from conception through destruction. That need is known as Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). It is a combination of processes and technologies that determines how data flows through an environment and enables organizations to manage data from the moment it is created to the time it is no longer needed. In today’s information economy, the objective is to provide the right information to the proper people at the right time in the correct place – all at the lowest possible cost.

With extensive SAP experience, Dolphin delivers a long-term ILM strategy and tailors solutions to fit your specific requirements. We begin with a technical and functional analysis of your current database, retention requirements and access or retrieval needs. The result is a blueprint for your archiving strategy which – when implemented with Dolphin’s expertise – enables your organization to maintain access to your necessary information while boosting business productivity and mitigating risk.

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