Smart SAP Data Archiving for Information Lifecycle Management

Dolphin's Archive Retention Demo for Daimler Trucks NA on SAP Data Archiving Less Data = Faster Performance + Cost Savings

Managing data and information in SAP systems includes a well thought out archiving strategy that increases performance, controls database size, lowers storage and maintenance costs, and manages retention. The Dolphin platform delivers an agile set of technologies including data archiving, retention management, migrations and legacy decommissioning, and other solutions across all SAP systems – ERP, BW, SRM, CRM, SCM – including SAP HANA. We provide fast, transparent access to archived data and lower total costs by aligning the type of storage and retrieval delivered with the value of the data to the business. The results are improved overall performance and control over SAP and archive retention & destruction policies, business and regulatory compliance, and mitigated risk.

Check out the topics below to learn more about solutions and capabilities from Dolphin related to information lifecycle management:

ArchiveLink Migration
Seamless migration of archived data and documents from one SAP repository to another

Archive and Data Management Solutions to Secure SAP Data
The Archive Management Cockpit allows you to encrypt data that was previously archived;
the Data Management Cockpit enables encryption of SAP data that resides in the live database

Archiving Sessions Cockpit
Schedule and automate SAP data archiving runs

BW Archiving
Optimize SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) with archiving, Nearline Storage (NLS) and enhanced analytics

Content Archive Service for Cloud
Fast access to archived data and documents on cloud-based storage-as-a-service (StaaS) to minimize space requirements and reduce costs

Data Archiving Retention Tool (DART)
Make your organization “audit data ready” with SAP’s Data Archiving Retention Tool

Data Archiving
Improve SAP system performance and lower costs by archiving less frequently used data

Building a Case for Data Archiving      Case For Data Archiving from Dolphin's Information Lifecycle Management

SAP Data Carve-out Solution
The Carve-out solution for SAP data provides a process for handling SAP data in the event of a company or business unit split, carve-out or divestiture.

Document Navigator
Find, display and share document batches from SAP archives

Prepare for SAP HANA migration

Legacy Decommissioning
Shut down SAP and non-SAP legacy systems while retaining access to legacy data

Outgoing Document Catch-Up
“Catch-Up archiving” enables easy archiving of previously unsaved SAP outgoing documents

PBS Archive Solutions
Retain transparent access to SAP archived information

PBS Content Management
Lower cost, highly efficient content management option for SAP users

Retention Management Cockpit
Manage retention and disposition of archived data and documents

System Consolidation
Keep data available while centralizing the SAP system

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