Data Volume Management Strategies and Information Lifecycle Management Solutions

Dolphin's Archive Retention Demo for Daimler Trucks NA on SAP Data Archiving Less Data = Faster Performance + Cost Savings

Managing data and information in SAP systems includes a well thought out data volume management strategy that aligns the cost of storing data with the business value of the data. For almost 20 years, Dolphin has been providing SAP customers with data volume management strategies that:

  • Increase SAP system performance
  • Control database size
  • Lower storage and maintenance costs
  • Provide users with fast, transparent access to data

Our Information Lifecycle Management solutions enable organizations to apply these data volume management strategies to manage data throughout its lifecycle, from initial capture to end of life and:

  • Manage data and document retention
  • Encrypt and secure data
  • Respond to fiscal, regulatory and compliance audits
  • Retire legacy systems
  • Carve out data for business spin offs or divestitures

Dolphin Information Lifecycle Management solutions include an agile set of technologies that can be used across all SAP systems – ERP, BW, SRM, CRM, SCM – including SAP HANA. Our solutions fall into the following categories.

Data Archiving

Data Retention

Legacy Systems and Data

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