Data Archiving for SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW)

BW data volume is growing exponentially and associated costs are pushing budgets to the limit. Leveraging SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) gives you competitive advantages in business intelligence and insight. But the more data that goes in, and the more queries being made, the more data there is to manage. It won’t be long before query responses slow, database administration is overwhelmed and costs begin to rise – if they haven’t already.

The key to strategic data management for the SAP NetWeaver BW solution is determining how to improve performance while controlling costs with minimal impact to your infrastructure and overhead. Applying Information Lifecycle Management, or ILM, principles allow you to establish a lifecyle for your data in BW just as you do in ERP – lowering costs and improving online performance.

Dolphin implements PBS CBW Nearline Storage (NLS) solutions for SAP BW to deliver enhanced functionality from high performance data compression and storage technology with advanced analytics. ILM projects for SAP NetWeaver BW deliver scoping, design and implementation excellence by building the right strategy around archiving for your BW environment to strategically manage performance, costs and long-term growth with little impact to your IT landscape.

Additionally, Dolphin offers a compelling strategy to help companies meet their goals for a lean, flexible, efficient infrastructure to achieve significant savings, performance improvements and lay the foundation for leveraging SAP HANA – the vehicle for truly maximizing the potential benefits of big data – now or in the future.

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