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The SAP world is abuzz about Cloud Computing, and for good reason. In the past few months, SAP announced a number of tools to help companies run SAP solutions on private cloud architectures. But amidst all the buzz, there hasn’t been much talk on one aspect of cloud computing highly relevant for any user of SAP solutions: incorporating cloud storage into SAP data and document archiving strategies. Dolphin is the first.

Dolphin’s Content Archive Service for Cloud lets SAP users use Storage as a Service as an ArchiveLink repository. The service allows a direct connection, acting as a “cloud connector,” from the SAP archiving layer to major public cloud providers such as AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud. It’s an option that makes sense for any organization, whether or not you are running other SAP solutions in the cloud. This cloud archiving solution enables SAP archived data and documents to be stored to cloud and transparently accessed whenever and wherever they are needed.

The primary advantage is that cloud storage lets SAP users align the cost of SAP storage with the value of their data. It frees customers to invest in high performance access for current, frequently used data, while shifting seldom used data and documents to a lower cost and practically infinitely elastic cloud storage services. Results thus far indicate that cloud storage may cost as little as 10 percent of the total of more traditional archive storage solutions built around traditional on-premises hardware.

Cloud is Silver Lining for Archived SAP Data and DocumentsChallenge: Containing Costs, Maintaining AccessThe Dolphin Solution: Cloud-Based Storage for SAP ArchivesBenefits: Cost SavingsBenefits: Cost Savings Cont.Customer Success Case Study: Global Beverage Company

SAP Cloud Connector

Flexible, Cloud-Based Storage for SAP® Archived Data and Documents Lowering Cost and Improving Performance

Data volume is exploding as companies process more and more transactions and manage volumes of data for competitive gain. Many face a ‘Big Data’ dilemma: they need data to run their business efficiently, but all too often the cost of storing and maintaining it requires a large portion of the IT budget. The cost of storage, servers, back-up systems, and maintenance can rapidly rise out of proportion to the value of the data for running the business.

There is a silver lining, however, and it is the Cloud. According to the Global Cloud Networking Survey by Cisco, the most desired application to be moved to the Cloud is storage, followed by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, email and collaboration solutions. Further, results from a Storage Magazine/ Spring 2012 Purchasing Intentions Survey revealed that 19% of those surveyed say that cloud storage will play a major role in future planning and 15% say cloud is already a big part of their storage picture.

Diagram of Dolphin's SAP cloud computing solution for storage and archiving

The Challenges of SAP Cloud Solutions

While companies have been enamored with the promise of cloud computing, cloud storage and other cloud-based services, few have yet to capitalize on cloud-based storage for storing archived data. Most corporations that run SAP® systems know they must archive older data to minimize its potentially crushing impact on the performance of active databases.

Cloud storage is ideal as a repository for archived information because it moves infrequently accessed archived data and documents out of the production environment to storage where the cost is on a pay-as-you-use basis. And with Dolphin’s Content Archive Service for Cloud (CAS-C), access is fast and cost-efficient and does not require any external middleware or gateways.

Dolphin’s Cloud Archiving Solution

Dolphin offers Dolphin Content Archive Service for Cloud (CAS-C), a software connector residing within the SAP application that seamlessly allows companies to move archived SAP data to cloud storage. The solution enables SAP archived data and documents to be stored to cloud and transparently accessed whenever and wherever they are needed.

Dolphin’s solution was developed to facilitate a cost-efficient, flexible layer of storage for SAP archived data and documents. It is the first solution of its kind to be SAP ArchiveLink-and NetWeaver-certified as a cloud-based interface and requires no hardware or additional infrastructure.

The solution provides unmatched advantages over competing solutions which rely on traditional storage and content management systems that often produce silos of information, is more costly, and may have limitations to fast access.

SAP Cloud Computing Benefit: Cost Savings

For businesses looking to significantly reduce the cost of operating their SAP infrastructure, the Dolphin CAS-C solution offers out of the box integration with public Cloud STaaS such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Rackspace, Google Cloud, AT&T Synaptic Storage as a ServiceSM and others. It provides reliable and secure storage of archived SAP content to dramatically reduce capital and operating expenses. By placing archived SAP data on the cloud, infrastructure cost can be greatly reduced. Results thus far indicate that cloud storage may cost as little as 10 percent of the total of more traditional archive storage solutions built around traditional on-premises hardware.

Unlike native and other third-party archiving offerings, the Dolphin solution does not require dedicated on-site hardware and software nor their associated cost and complexity. Further, the Dolphin solution fits seamlessly into the SAP environment to ensure no disruption to an organization’s current business processes.

Cost Savings Continued

Beyond cost reduction, other benefits of using Dolphin’s SAP cloud archiving
solution are:

  • Increased database performance by transitioning historical transactional data to archives without compromising rapid access
  • Decreased risk by leveraging the secure, highly available and nearly limitless cloud infrastructure, seamlessly integrated with the SAP framework
  • Easy transition of data by leveraging standard SAP interfaces to easily migrate from your current archive solution
  • Low risk. Installation, migration and decommissioning activities are low- risk and cost-efficient because storage is maintained in the cloud with no hardware set-up
  • Reduced cost of third party content management systems by eliminating software seat license costs of archive management applications

Cloud-based storage as a service offerings present an effective alternative to expanding infrastructures. Effective, secure, well-managed storage as a service makes it further possible to align the value of your data with the cost of storage, hold the line on costs, and deliver the performance your business demands.

SAP Cloud Computing Case Study


Data as well as financial documents were being archived but even with compression, it was becoming increasingly expensive to manage. The archived data and documents were rarely needed, but the company was required to retain them.With volumes into the terabytes, the company needed to do something about the rising costs for storage and maintenance.


Dolphin implemented a tiered storage strategy for archived data consisting of:

  • Nearline storage (NLS) for data needing to be accessed frequently
  • Current offline archive repository for data that would be accessed less frequently
  • Cloud storage, for information seldom needed

The company could use the Cloud provider of their choice with Dolphin’s Content Archive System for Cloud (CAS-C) as the software interface.


  • Seamless, transparent access to data and documents
  • No additional hardware
  • Fast implementation
  • Reduced storage and maintenance costs
  • Estimated cost savings more than a $1 Million/year

For more information on Dolphin’s SAP Cloud Computing solutions, download…

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