Brian’s Q&A Session on Optimizing AP and AR Processes

SAPinsiderlogo-alloy200x90 In the rush of activity at the end of the year, it's hard to think about optimizing AP and AR processes. However, I'm sure the idea danced like "sugar plum fairies" through the heads of many AP and AR staff and managers as they struggled with cumbersome, manual processes as they tried to close the books on 2014. Find out how to make year end in 2015 faster and easier by reviewing Brian Shannon's recent Q&A session on Optimizing AP and AR processes with SAPinsider. In this chat transcript Brian shares his advice on the importance of process optimization in helping organizations contain costs and improve cash flow. He also discusses how organizations can fully leverage SAP systems to optimize near-cash business processes for 2015.

Brian’s Q&A Session on Optimizing AP and AR Processes

In the rush of activity at the end of the year, it’s hard to think about optimizing AP and AR processes. However, I’m sure the idea danced like “sugar plum fairies” through the heads of many AP and AR staff and managers as they struggled with cumbersome, manual processes as they tried to close the books on 2014.

Find out how to make year end in 2015 faster and easier by reviewing Brian Shannon’s recent Q&A session on Optimizing AP and AR processes with SAPinsider. In this chat transcript Brian shares his advice on the importance of process optimization in helping organizations contain costs and improve cash flow. He also discusses how organizations can fully leverage SAP systems to optimize near-cash business processes for 2015.

New Infographic – The Path to Touchless Invoice Processing

Giving thanks for an optimized accounts payable process may not be at the top of your list this Thanksgiving, but it is if you are part of an AP team. Just ask the team at Bourns Inc.

Dolphin’s latest infographic,  illustrates the journey that the Bourns AP team followed as they transformed the existing manual, disconnected invoice process into an optimized one that enables the company to process 75% of invoices – touchless! See how, in just a few simple steps the team managed to eliminate low-value manual tasks from the AP process, giving them time to focus on high-value tasks that improve vendor relations and the company’s bottom line. If you’d like to re-post this infographic, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and use the provided embed code.

Download the infographic in PDF format here

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from the team here at Dolphin. We’re thankful for our continued valuable relationships with our customers and with the entire SAP community.

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Download “Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement” Report from Gartner Inc. Courtesy of our Partner PBS Software

If you weren’t able to join Dolphin and our partner PBS Software during our recent Data Archiving Day event, you can still download a copy of the Gartner Inc. report “Magic Quadrant for Structured Data Archiving and Application Retirement” for a limited time only.

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Dr. Werner Hopf Speaks on Controlling Explosive Data Growth at TechEd && d-code

This week the Dolphin team is busy at the SAP TechEd && d-code conference, where we’re meeting with SAP developers and experts and learning about the latest and greatest updates that are coming to the SAP ecosystem.

CTO, Vishal Awasthi presented on Dolphin’s Imaging and Document Management solution at his session “Lightweight Document Management: Lower Cost, Less Complexity, Improved UX”, which was well attended.

CEO, Dr. Werner Hopf presented on “Big Data Management and Storage Strategies Critical to SAP HANA Performance”, where he discussed strategies for controlling explosive data growth in SAP systems. If you couldn’t make it to the show and see Dr. Hopf present in person, be sure to take a look at his interview with ASUG News on the show floor, where he discusses this pressing issue for today’s organizations.

Retirement takes planning AND implementing

I went to a retirement party last week.  I pictured we would be sitting outside on the deck where hors d’oeuvres would be served with the fanciful summer cocktail menu.  But alas, it was dull and dreary in the basement where co-workers had assembled to bid their adieu.  The recipient of the send-off had served the company unfailingly for over 30 years, but had indeed found a storied skillset had been replaced by a better connected, shinier, faster face.  The retirement had not really been planned, it was more like someone created a flash mob at the behest of the auditors.  Not the type of orderly and grateful departure one might expect at the end of such a long-term service engagement.[Continue Reading]

Does the thought of Disruptive Innovation Have you on Edge?

In his keynote at Sapphire NOW, Hasso Platner spoke about change in SAP systems and applications not only being a good thing, but essential. He used the term,  ‘Disruptive Innovation’, an expression that often has management and staff alike shuddering at thoughts of what this means to their daily work existence.

As SAP solutions evolve and take advantage of new technologies, customers evolve as well. And, the change can be disruptive in a good way. What everyone wants to avoid is true disruption of ‘business as usual’. How do organizations avoid the pain of change?  They don’t. They plan for it. By planning, they can avoid the worst of disruption and cultivate a formula for transition.

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Soccer, Life & SAP Innovation.

Over half of the world’s population – that would be more than 3.5 Billion people – is expected to tune into the 2014 World Cup before it concludes in a few weeks. They will watch on TV, listen on radio, or check in via YouTube on shared screens or mobile devices in the far reaches of every continent. An incredible showing for a sport that barely registers in the world’s two most populous countries of India and China.[Continue Reading]

How Many Invoices Do You Auto Post? Find Out with Dolphin’s Auto Post Status Report

As anyone who caught Marie Bourns’ presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference knows, touchless processing is a goal for many Accounts Payable departments. Now you can find out how many invoices your Accounts Payable department is auto posting by using Dolphin’s new Auto Post Status report.

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Top 5 Ways to Get Business Users Excited about SAP® Data Archiving

Data archiving is an essential part of any data volume management strategy. It reduces the amount of data in online systems, driving faster system performance and lowering system costs. However, it can be difficult to convince business users of the importance of data archiving if they are worried they won’t be able to access the data when they need it.

To get business users support for data archiving, it is important to address their concerns about data retrieval after archiving.
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Today at SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG annual conference,  Charlie Hoppa, of McCormick and Company, and Katharina Perigo, Sr. Data Archiving Consultant at Dolphin, presented McCormick’s data archiving success story. He emphasized the importance of engaging business owners early in the process to build support for archiving.“Users need to understand that archiving does not delete the data. The data is still available — it’s just being sourced from another data store.”

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Today at SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG annual conference, Marie Bourns of Bourns Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic components, and Dr. Werner Hopf, CEO of Dolphin appeared on the ASUG News channel to discuss the recent success of their Dolphin accounts payable solution. By focusing on verifying invoice data early in the cycle, Bourns was able to minimize exception handling and auto post 65% of all invoices

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Attending SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG – Experience Matters

When I saw the tagline for this year’s ASUG Annual Conference, several things came to mind. The tagline, Every Experience Matters, got me thinking about experience as in knowledge gained and what it is to experience something. Perhaps a little confusing, but hear me out.

Conference attendees are invited to “experience” everything from interactive demos of SAP applications to interacting with SAP product managers and executives; to learning what peers from other organizations and industries are doing to participating in the educational sessions on current solutions and new products. They are even encouraged to enjoy Orlando and more social activities. All could be part of the ‘experience’.[Continue Reading]

It’s Never too Late: A Mother’s Day Lesson on Achieving Goals

Lucky for me, I had the Mother I had. She never once questioned my evolutionary existence (ok, I was a sick kid), my artistic capabilities (OMG she actually wore that thing on a necklace to work?), or my commitment (“Mom, I’m quitting my job, selling everything I own and backpacking around the world”). No, she’s my Mom, and she is indeed worthy of a day dedicated solely to her. I’m sure each and every one of you reading this blog has similar “Phew, thank goodness she loves me unconditionally” stories. Smiling, you are.[Continue Reading]

The Cowboy’s Guide to Financials

There are analogies everywhere we look in our personal lives to what we could or should become in our professional lives.  Or how we would like to see things work.  The cowboy offers an interesting equivalence.

Fusion is the annual conference for all things Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, hosted by our fine colleagues at the Institute for Financial Operations.  This year the annual shin-dig is in the Big D – Dallas, Texas – inspiration to such fine cowboy institutions as the Dallas Cowboys, Texas oil tycoons on TV, and certainly the spirit of building a trading post on a river in what was at the time no doubt considered inhospitable terrain.  So naturally the cowboy parallels to process optimization will freely flow.[Continue Reading]

Tactics for Reducing TCO of SAP HANA

Recently, at SAPinsider’s BI/HANA/Admin & Basis 2014 conferences, Dr. Werner Hopf talked to Jon Reed of Diginomica to talk about Dolphin’s approach to reducing the TCO for SAP HANA. Werner discusses how with proper information management, including savvy use of near-line storage, SAP customers can bring the TCO of SAP HANA in line with the BW on HANA benefits.

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Brian’s 5 Tips for Getting More Out of Sales Transaction Data in SAP Applications

Dolphin’s business performance improvement solutions for SAP applications apply across many industries, but for Retail companies, being able to manage large volumes of sales transactions data and streamline disjointed business processes can really improve the bottom line.

This week Brian Shannon, Principal Business Process Consultant at Dolphin, discusses his “Sales Transaction Data in SAP: 5 Ways to Get More Value” in Solutions Providers for Retail. In his post, he discusses the importance of having a data volume management strategy, streamlining near cash processes, and integrating siloed data to make your organization successful in the increasingly competitive consumer market.
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Credit Card Data Still Too Vulnerable – Almost 90% of Organizations Don’t Meet PCI Data Security Standards

An article today in Computer Weekly, “PCI DSS compliance still too low”, had me thinking of several recent high profile cases of customer data and credit card breaches.  Whenever there is a customer data breach, it is BIG news. Maybe you know someone who was personally impacted by one of the recent credit card breaches .

According to to the latest report on Data Security from Verizon., almost 90% of organizations surveyed don’t comply fully with the Payment Card Information (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). While that number is shockingly high, it is not entirely a surprise. Protecting customer data is hard.[Continue Reading]

And the Winner Is…

Limousines, bold smiles, red carpets, the whirr and click from the ranks of the paparazzi, Valentino gowns, Jimmy Choo shoes, and of course the venerable Versace tuxedos. Yes, it’s time for your next User Acceptance Test. Oh wait, no, it’s Academy Awards season.

The 86th edition of everyone’s favorite entertainment gush-fest is upon us. A chance to see exorbitantly paid professionals risking orthopedic trauma to the radius to ensure they get the most necessary of pats. The plethora of platitudes to how great everyone who has been put on the pedestal is a bit much, no? Now I enjoy going to the movies as much as the next person, and these folks have worked hard to elevate their game to the level at which their craft is due some form of recognition. They already have the fame and the fortune – and I’m near certain that Ellen may have something better to do on Sunday nights – so why all the hubbub? And more importantly, why does it seem we are constantly recognizing the wrong people?[Continue Reading]

The Winter Olympics…

Part 4: SAP® Business Process Management – Inspired Individuals Can Drive Team Success

Ok, so I’ve previously coached you on the importance of teamwork in hockey. Scrap everything I said. It’s so much more important to have a hot goalie.

Oh wait. That was the little Canadian Hockey devil on my right shoulder out-shouting the Process Optimization Angel on my left.

Emotion is a powerful ally and has been on stunning display for the last couple of weeks. I am a steadfast college sports fan because, it could be argued, the student athletes have yet to be tainted by a monumental payday. That’s what the Olympics used to be, according to my fading memory. But irrespective of whether you are an amateur or a professional, you are likely subject to the disruptive effect of emotions.[Continue Reading]

The Winter Olympics…

Part 3: SAP Business Process Management – Go for Gold with Teamwork

Many of the astounding feats from the Winter Olympics are borne of intense personal drive, determination and fortitude. They are individual sports from a participant perspective, yet there is considerable teamwork that has gone into the preparation and training.

Ice hockey has superstars, yet it is undeniably a team sport.  It is fast paced, filled with athleticism, skill and coordination. When the puck moves quickly and accurately from stick to stick to back of net, well that elevates the teamwork to something more akin to poetry.[Continue Reading]

The Winter Olympics…

Part 2: Precision of SAP Business Process Management – Change Leadership not a Fast Sweep

Curling. Now there is a sport that demands precision. As well as the ability to take direction from someone insanely yelling guttural sounds from the other end of the ice, imploring you to sweep or not, harder or not, all to get the rock past the hog line, into the house, preferably on the button. You can’t make this stuff up.[Continue Reading]

The Winter Olympics Are Here!

Part 1: Similarities to SAP Business Process Management. Take the Leap!

Just when you thought you had enough of winter…

Woohoo!!! The Winter Olympics are here.  I love the Winter Olympics, because, well, they celebrate WINTER.  And I’m Canadian…there are few things more Canadian than winter.  Well, of course there is beer, Tim Hortons, and Kraft Dinner, but Winter is like Super-Duper Cool.  I grew up riding my toboggan down Goose’s Hill while one of my willing sisters would oh so graciously pull me back up the hill.  I could almost skate without the use of my ankles when I was 8.  And skiing, well I was a regular slopestyler down the hills of Thunder Bay.  Wait, what is slopestyle exactly again?[Continue Reading]

Big Data in 2014

We’re one month into 2014, and many enterprises we work with are now moving full speed ahead to shift their Big Data projects for this year from the planning and proposal stage to actual execution. For the past few years, Big Data has generated an increasing amount of discussion in board rooms, blogs and the IT press. Rightfully so, too. Big Data holds the promise to unlock valuable new insights that can help drive customer sales and grow the bottom line.[Continue Reading]