Moving to S/4HANA: 3 Tips for Managing Data to Ensure a Faster and Easier Transition

hana124This white paper discusses proven data management strategies that companies can employ today to help them move to S/4HANA quickly and cost effectively in the future. Topics include:

  • How to reduce data and shrink the footprint of existing systems before moving to S/4HANA.
  • How to implement a data and document retention plan that will ensure compliance with information retention policies in existing systems and in S/4HANA systems.
  • Benefits of decommissioning legacy systems after the move to S/4HANA is complete.
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Moving to S/4HANA: 3 Tips for Managing Data to Ensure a Faster and Easier Transition

hana124This white paper discusses proven data management strategies that companies can employ today to help them move to S/4HANA quickly and cost effectively in the future. Topics include:

  • How to reduce data and shrink the footprint of existing systems before moving to S/4HANA.
  • How to implement a data and document retention plan that will ensure compliance with information retention policies in existing systems and in S/4HANA systems.
  • Benefits of decommissioning legacy systems after the move to S/4HANA is complete.

BJ’s Wholesale Club Simplifies Rebates and Improves Customer Experience with Instant Access to Sales Documents

The complex structure of rebate programs which require multiple pieces of documentation are the reason rebate payments to loyal customers are frequently delayed.

In this webcast, hear how BJ’s, a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States, simplified its rebates program and improved customer experience by enabling sales document management solution that provided:

  • Instant access to all rebate program documents online.
  • Ability to package rebate documents for quick dispute resolution.
  • Reduce storage costs and improved system performance with a best practice-based document management solution.

Jonathan Zink, Financial Analyst – Vistex Group, BJ’s Wholesale Club
Brian Shannon, Chief Strategy Officer, Dolphin Enterprise Solutions

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Dolphin Corporate Overview

DCODolphin takes an integrated approach to maximizing enterprise-wide performance, helping organizations manage the data that fuels the business and the processes that run it.We offer a unique combination of SAP add-on software solutions and business consulting services that help companies increase performance, reduce risk, and lower the total cost of ownership of SAP systems.


Imaging and Document Management

imagedocImprove document-centric business processes with simple electronic capture, storage, and retrieval. Go paperless in less than a month! Business processes that generate large volumes of documentation create clutter, reduce transparency, and increase operating costs. The Dolphin Imaging and Document Management Rapid Deployment Solution moves key documents used by SAP-centric business processes such as procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, record-to-report, or hire-to-retire online so they can be easily accessed, inside or outside SAP ® applications.



Simplify Your SAP Landscape and Reduce Costs with a Modern Content Management System

SAPinsider, April 2016
Dr. Werner Hopf and Vishal Awasthi

SimplifiedConentManagementROIAs more organizations look for ways to simplify the SAP landscape by moving to SAP HANA and retiring aging systems it’s time to look for a more modern approach to content management as well.

In a this Q&A with SAPinsider Dolphin CEO Dr. Werner Hopf and CTO Vishal Awasthi discuss how organization can adopt modern content management strategies that will enable organizations to remain agile for future growth and change.

Dolphin’s lightweight, service-based Content Archive Service (CAS) enables companies to store unstructured data wherever it makes the most sense for the business, in the cloud or on disk, yet still access it easily from SAP applications – thus lowering storage costs and simplifying access.

Customers who have adopted the Content Archive Service have saved 50% on maintenance costs for legacy ECM systems and report that the solution is much easier for both the IT department and users to manage.


Managing Data During Growth And Change

Midstream Business, October 2015

Dr. Werner Hopf
The problems of Big Data are difficult enough to overcome on a daily basis— but many midstream organizations that underwent a merger, acquisition or divestiture during the modern big data boom actually found these headaches multiplied. What’s a chief information officer to do? Here are three missteps to avoid when considering a corporate transformation.


Honeywell’s Flexible and Scalable Approach to Global AP Processing – One Process, One Solution

Honeywell International, a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing leader, was looking to improve its AP efficiency with a solution that could be used across its six global business groups. Everyone, everywhere should be able to use the same process and the same solution, so the company could more accurately track and report on invoice status. The global and diversified nature of the business required a solution that was also flexible enough to allow the company to extend its common core process to accommodate local business needs and regulations where necessary.


The company initially rolled out Dolphin Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable in 2006, at the same time the company was rolling out its global SAP system. At this time, the company used the Dolphin solution to provide a centralized view of scanned invoices received from across the company. Gradually, over time the company expanded the functionality of the solution in phases to include capabilities such as:

  • Increased electronic invoice capture, including OCR (paper, fax, or email) and EDI (large vendors or inter-company transactions)
  • Automated the processing and coding of non-PO vendor invoices (i.e., Utilities, Rent)
  • Configurable business rules to increase ability to auto-post invoices
  • Tight integration with SAP OM to support billing documentation requirements
  • Flexible document search and batch output to support internal and external inquiries and local document storage requirements

Separate phases and functionality were rolled out in 2010, 2011, and 2013.


Now that the company is using one common process and one common solution for Accounts Payable, it has achieved many benefits including:

  • 40% auto-posting of invoices
  • Real-time view of invoices across all six business units
  • Ability to increase volume without increasing headcount
  • Fewer keystrokes required for invoice entry and validation
  • Faster processing of Non-PO invoices, such as utility invoices
  • Ability to support international documentation requirements quickly and easily
  • Compliant with EU payment directive and other regulations
  • Multiple shared service centers running on the same IT infrastructure

Big Lots Simplifies Sales Audits by Associating POS Receipts Directly with its SAP Financials

This presentation details how leveraging SAP POS Data Management application and nearline storage options help to ensure the vast amount of highly varied retail transaction data created across the company is easily accessible, improving audit response time and increasing productivity.

Manish Garg, Director, SAP CoE at Big Lots and Dr. Werner Hopf, CEO and Archiving Principal at Dolphin, discuss:

  • Big Data volumes generated by POS-DM require solutions such as nearline storage, which provide the performance and speed required for reporting on business-critical data
  • Associating POS-DM data with Financial transactions reduces the number of systems and steps required to generate audit reports
  • Archiving POS data ensures adherence with data retention policies, providing additional cost savings and mitigates risk

Managing Explosive Growth of SAP Data across Multiple SAP Systems

A world-renowned manufacturer and retailer of revolutionary consumer electronics needed data strategies that would enable them to manage its explosive online retail growth while keeping customer data secure and available for reporting and audit requests. With 25 Billion transactions per year, the company’s existing infrastructure could not support the volume of data and system performance, stability, and functionality were being negatively impacted. The data volume also posed a significant risk, because the company was responsible for keeping the data secure for long periods to support tax and data privacy audits.

To manage its enormous volumes of data, the company needed a comprehensive data volume management strategy that would enable it to:

  • Move static and business complete data out of production systems into archive storage
  • Scale to support potential future data growth
  • Support analysis with fast, flexible access to historic sales data
  • Secure legacy data according to current legal requirements
  • Enforce data retention policies for fiscal and consumer data
  • Enable fast response to audit inquiries

Due to the volume of data, the company needed an aggressive archiving strategy to keep production systems running at optimal levels. In addition, new privacy regulations required the company to go back through historical, archived data and ensure that it met current consumer data privacy standards.

Solution: Archiving to Hybrid Storage with Data Retention & Audit

Dolphin provided the company with data strategies that would 1) help it meet current demands and scale to meet future growth and 2) stay compliant with retention and audit requirements. Key capabilities include:

  • Implementation of Standard SAP Archiving Objects with PBS Archive Add On modules for seamless access
  • PBS Nearline storage for fast access to archived sales data used in analysis
  • Dolphin Data Management and Archive Management Cockpit for encrypting production and archive data
  • Dolphin Archive Retention Cockpit to enforce corporate retention policies
  • TJC Audit Extraction Cockpit (AEC) for flexible audit reporting

Dolphin used an aggressive archiving strategy and a hybrid storage model. Frequently accessed sales data was moved to nearline storage for additional compression and fast access. Dolphin also employed data security and encryption to protect sensitive customer data and added audit tools to facilitate responding to fiscal and legal requirements.


The company has been working with Dolphin for almost 10 years to keep their data growth under control. To date the company has realized the following benefits:

  • Archived more than 250 TB data
  • Improved system performance
  • Compliant with data privacy and security regulations
  • Improved response time for internal and external audits


Cobra Electronics Improves Time to Payment With Easy Access to Sales Orders

Cobra Electronics, a leading global designer and marketer of communication and navigation products, found that customer billing questions were impacting the company’s time to payment. Resolving billing questions often took multiple calls and the staff had to search for and assemble sales order related documents from many areas.  This problem was even greater when large customers had billing questions, as delayed payments on large orders significantly impacted the company’s cash flow.

At the time, the company would manually key in all order information, hand write the SAP document number on each order, the copy the order, file it and then send it to be scanned and indexed in SAP applications.

The company wanted to automate this process to reduce the manual, time consuming parts of the order entry process and reduce the time required to respond to billing questions. The goal was to be able to answer questions in a single call. To do this the company would need to be able to:

  • Search for and instantly access all sales order related documents – bills of lading, credit memos, sales orders – regardless of where they resided in SAP.
  • Access customer-related non-SAP documents that are covered under Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) policies.

The new solution would replace the existing, homegrown imaging system with a solution that would be capable of managing all customer order related documents and flexible enough to scale to meet the needs of other business process areas.

Dolphin implemented a solution that included Dolphin Process Tracking System for Accounts Receivable, Dolphin Document Navigator and Output and Dolphin Cloud Archive Service. The solution, would enable every sales representative (SR) to have a complete 360 degree view of all sales order related documents by enabling:

  • Intelligent scanning of sales orders
  • Linking of scanned images and bar codes to SAP transactions
  • Searching for customer-related documents across all of SAP
  • Ability to select and assemble all customer-related documents in a single PDF
  • Ability to print, fax or email selected documents

With this information close at hand, sales staff can easily engage customers in a real-time discussion and answer inquiries or resolve disputes on the spot.

The solution was implemented in 37 days using very few IT resources. Thus far the company has significantly improved time to payment. Other benefits include:

  • Reduced time to resolve customer billing inquiries from 3 days to minutes
  • Faster payment and reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • 50% reduction in time to resolve collection issues
  • Instant access to customer-related documents from SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Faster audit response time
  • Improved compliance with secure document retention