Improve Speed, Transparency, Flexibility & Compliance with Real Time Invoice Information

  A lack of visibility into invoice payment status can cause problems across the organization, such as:
  • Increasing AP resources needed to respond to supplier queries
  • Impairing Treasury’s ability to forecast
  • Reducing R2R’s ability to identify liabilities and close the books
By digitizing the invoice process, organizations can gain real-time information on invoices and improve their ability to pay invoices faster to capture all available discounts, auto-post more invoices, and simplify audit responses.
Read Brian Shannon's latest Shared Services Link blog on how organizations can benefit from invoice optimization solutions for SAP systems to improve the speed, transparency, flexibility and compliance of their Accounts Payable solutions.

Improve Speed, Transparency, Flexibility & Compliance with Real Time Invoice Information

A lack of visibility into invoice payment status can cause problems across the organization, such as:

  • Increasing AP resources needed to respond to supplier queries
  • Impairing Treasury’s ability to forecast
  • Reducing R2R’s ability to identify liabilities and close the books

By digitizing the invoice process, organizations can gain real-time information on invoices and improve their ability to pay invoices faster to capture all available discounts, auto-post more invoices, and simplify audit responses.

Read Brian Shannon’s latest Shared Services Link blog on how organizations can benefit from invoice optimization solutions for SAP systems to improve the speed, transparency, flexibility and compliance of their Accounts Payable solutions.

SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Wrap Up — The Top Business & Technology Trends in SAP

After returning from SAP SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual conference, the Dolphin team is finally rested up and ready to help our customers tackle their most pressing SAP problems for the rest of the year. If you weren’t able to join us in Orlando this year, we wanted to make sure you knew what everyone was talking about on the event floor and in the keynote and speaker sessions.

Unlike in other years, we noticed that this year the discussions about SAP HANA were not merely speculative. Many attendees had either already made the move to HANA or were starting shortly and they were looking for best practices to smooth the transition. Most interestingly, it wasn’t just the IT leaders who were talking about HANA. Business leaders were also there looking for information on how they can leverage HANA to transform their business.

As Prof. Hasso Plattner noted in his keynote address the future with HANA is “not a collection of KPIs”. While he and other SAP executives discussed new capabilities such as the Digital Boardroom, overall the focus of the event was on the truly BIG opportunities that are possible with SAP HANA:

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • Digitization

Dolphin was pleased that several of our customers were selected to speak at the event on topics that were closely aligned with these themes.

  • Coca-Cola Hellenic talked about how they were able to increase the speed of business transformation with a comprehensive data management strategy that allows them to seamlessly manage their SAP landscape which spans 28 countries, 40 production instances, and generates 130% annual data growth.
  • Honeywell spoke of its digitization efforts to support the company’s “one global process” initiative. With a digitized invoice process in place, the company has been able to save $10 million from automated processing of more than 5 million invoices across 6 strategic business groups and gained greater transparency and control across the organization.
  • Primetals was a “prime” example of how organizations can leverage the HANA Cloud Platform to simplify their SAP landscape.

Throughout the event Dolphin continued to discuss how our data and process solutions can help organizations reduce the cost and complexity of SAP systems. While there we talked about recent projects. Case studies we presented included information on how customers have been able to:

  • Reduce a 20TB SAP ECC system to 4TB using data archiving so customers can move to SAP HANA faster and with less cost
  • Process +5 Million invoices digitally to to provide transparency across global, distributed organizations
  • Eliminate 4 SAP systems to reduce the cost of the SAP landscape as organizations move to SAP HANA

SN16_DolphinBooth_16On a more personal note, a highlight of this year’s show was the fact that Dolphin was awarded the ASUG Infinity Award for our ongoing support of the America’s SAP User Group Chapters. This award wouldn’t be possible without the hard working ASUG volunteers who bring together SAP users each month across the continent. We were very lucky to get to meet many ASUG volunteers while at the show. THANK YOU to those tireless volunteers!!

We also truly enjoyed spending time with our valued partners PBS Software, TJC Software, and Taulia in our booth as we demonstrated how to improve business performance in SAP systems. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them and our customers in the next few months.

Want to know more about how to take advantage of the opportunity for greater speed, simplicity and digitization that is possible with SAP HANA? Take a look at our case studies and stay tuned for upcoming videos and online events in the next few weeks for even more information.

Simplifying the SAP Landscape with Lightweight Content Management

Traditionally organizations that run SAP systems have implemented separate enterprise content management (ECM) systems as a repository for unstructured information (documents and images). However, this approach adds cost and complexity to the environment because it:

  • Requires a completely separate and parallel server infrastructure, with associated licenses and maintenance costs.
  • Requires users leave SAP applications to access the information they need from the ECM systems.
  • Requires additional IT staff to support this separate infrastructure.

As more organizations are looking for ways to simplify the SAP landscape by moving to SAP HANA and retiring aging systems it’s time to look for a more modern approach to content management as well.

In a recent Q&A with SAPinsider Dolphin CEO Dr. Werner Hopf and CTO Vishal Awasthi discuss how organization can adopt modern content management strategies that will enable organizations to remain agile for future growth and change.

Dolphin’s lightweight, service-based Content Archive Service (CAS) enables companies to store unstructured data wherever it makes the most sense for the business, in the cloud or on disk, yet still access it easily from SAP applications – thus lowering storage costs and simplifying access.

Customers who have adopted the Content Archive Service have saved 50% on maintenance costs for legacy ECM systems and report that the solution is much easier for both the IT department and users to manage.

Want to find out more? Read “Simplify Your SAP Landscape and Reduce Costs with a Modern Content Management System” in the Spring 2016 edition of SAPinsider.



Digitization & More @ SAPinsider Financials 2016

L_AHERN_UserGroup_MobileAPAfter a very successful User Group meeting yesterday the Dolphin team is excited to learn about how Finance will take a pivotal role in leading digital transformation that is taking over the SAP community. We’re thrilled that several Dolphin customers will be presenting their success stories at Financials 2016 this week.

  • On Thursday, March 17, Mary Wynne and Arlene Nikaido-Lung of Pepco Holdings Inc. will discuss how digitizing invoice processing across the company’s many energy companies resulted in a savings of $3 million in only the first year of operation. In addition to these remarkable cost savings, the highly regulated company has achieved greater control over invoice processing and increased transparency into cash flow.
  • On Wednesday, March 16, Tim Waldock of Owens Corning will discuss how decommissioning legacy SAP and Non-SAP systems helped the company respond quickly to international regulatory inquiries and standardize reporting across a diverse corporate landscape. The cost of decommissioning four legacy systems was almost equal to what these systems would cost to operate yearly, so not only has Owens Corning managed to reduce the cost and complexity of its SAP system landscape, it has better prepared to meet emerging regulatory and reporting requirements in the future.

Later this evening, Brian Shannon, Chief Strategy Officer of Dolphin will take questions and answers at the Ask the Experts session in the Exhibit Hall from 6:15-7:00 PM. On Wednesday, he will also present a session on Optimizing the Order-to-Cash mega process.

If you can’t make it to Las Vegas this week and want to learn more about the trends we’re seeing in Finance, be sure to check out Brian’s latest articles and blog posts:

  • From Metrics to Meaningful Information: Brian discusses how organizations can use digitization to establish real-time view of the Finance department with key productivity and value metrics. Using these metrics, the Finance department can begin to play a more strategic role in transforming the business by analyzing the way cash flows through the organization to maximize profitability.
  • 3 Questions You Should be Asking the Accounts Payable Department This Year: Are your financial processes ready for what the future will hold?  In this article in SAPinsider Brian discusses the three questions you should ask your Accounts Payable department this year so your processes are kept up to date and your organization is prepared for the future. Hint: How digitized are our processes?  is only one of the three questions you need to know.
  • Establishing a Process Maturity Model: In this blog topic, Brian asks: “Where does your organization fall along the process maturity model?” Knowing where you fall along this model will help your organization determine the best path to process transformation. For many organizations adding technology will not be enough. By combining process improvements with technology enhancements, organizations can enable greater process flexibility and drive greater value in less time.



Dolphin and Pepco Holdings @ Taulia Connect

mary-taulia-connectThis week the Dolphin team flew into beautiful San Francisco to join our partner Taulia for their annual Taulia Connect event.

A highlight of the show for Dolphin and many of the attendees was Mary Wynne’s presentation Workflow as an Accelerator for Your Working Capital Initiative: PepCo. In this presentation, Mary discusses how the Pepco Holdings team improved invoice processing across the company and increased the company’s ability to capture available discounts. The results are impressive! The company has achieved: $4.4 million in savings from captured discounts in 2015 alone!

If you’re interested in learning how Mary’s team was able to improve invoice processing to achieve such spectacular results, be sure to attend SAPinsider Financials 2016 from Mar-15 to Mar-18 in Las Vegas where Mary and her colleague Arlene Nikaido-Lung will be discussing Pepco Holding’s Invoice Improvement Project.

Best of all both Mary and Arlene will be joining Dolphin and our other customers as the Dolphin User Group meeting, which is held in Las Vegas immediately preceding SAPinsider Financials.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!



Dolphin User Group – Live in Las Vegas!

In this virtual age it’s rare that we have the time to get together and share ideas and learn from one another. That’s why we’re so excited about the next Dolphin User Group which is our annual in-person event, held on March 14, 2016, the day before SAPinsider Financials. The user group will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it promises to be a fun and informative event with many of our user group members in attendance.

  • Mary Wynne and Arlene Nikaido-Lung of Pepco Holdings will discuss the company’s amazing results after they were able to use Dolphin Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable to help centralize and standardize invoice processing.
  • Also, Karen Gabriel and Laura Cummings will be in attendance to talk about Vishay Intertechnology‘s continued process optimization journey, and help continue our discussion on Accounts Payable metrics.

In addition the user group provides a great opportunity to meet the Dolphin team who develop and support our users. Dolphin CTO Vishal Awasthi, CSO Brian Shannon, and other members of the Dolphin team will be there to learn from our users and answer your questions.

March is approaching quickly, so be sure to save the date in your calendars now. We hope we’re lucky enough to see you in Las Vegas!

Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Date: Monday March 14, 2016
Time: 12:00 PM EDT

Dolphin Customers can register now for the event.

2015 Data and Process Trends with Dr. Werner Hopf & Brian Shannon

While at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, Dolphin CEO Dr. Werner Hopf and Brian Shannon, Chief Strategy Officer were interviewed in the ASUG Hub about recent trends Dolphin is seeing in data and process challenges faced by SAP customers.


Tom Waiglum of ASUG News interviews the Dolphin team about how organizations can reduce the cost and footprint of SAP systems with the latest data and process solutions.

In the interview, Dr. Hopf discusses how SAP HANA and HANA Cloud are driving the need for data archiving to reduce the cost of systems and keep the data footprint small, so organizations can make an easier transition to these new systems.  Other trends include the increasing need for organizations to “carve out” data from SAP systems when they divest business units. Increasingly, Dolphin is working with customers that want to use archiving to protect intellectual property as they  hand over copies of SAP systems that contain sensitive master customer, vendor, and material master data.

Brian Shannon discusses how Dolphin’s expertise in SAP systems enables organizations to streamline business processes to reduce cycle time and  centralize and standardize processes across global organizations. He discusses how Dolphin is helping business users discover ways to drive additional cost savings from their SAP systems with automation and shared services solutions that support long term business goals.


Sapphire NOW + ASUG Annual Conference – Day 1 Report

Today was a great kickoff to the conference, as Bill McDermott addressed the crowds at the conference during his keynote speech. Canadians in the crowd went wild as Bill brought the Stanley Cup, hockey’s most prestigious award, on to the podium — continuing SAP’s recent theme of winning in sports and winning in business.


Later in the day Jason Boyer, Dolphin ILM Consultant and Enrique Suarez of Coca-Cola Enterprises presented details of CCE’s archiving projects. The crowd heard about how CCE used a comprehensive archiving strategy, incorporating nearline storage and automation to improve system performance and ensure that critical supply chain systems were up and running to support CCE’s demanding global business. As part of this project, CCE was able to archive almost 6 TB of data in only 3 months – a truly remarkable achievement!

Back at the booth, the Dolphin team was busy giving attendees demos of our mobile approvals app. In only a few simple steps users were able to select an invoice for approval and see how it could be approved using the mobile app in the nearby Innovapptive booth.

The day ended off with Dolphin’s annual Customer Appreciation dinner at Cuba Libre restaurant. This year, the event was particularly special as Dolphin celebrated our 20th year in business. Customers, partners, and Dolphin team members all enjoyed the cuban food, drinks, and birthday cake pops as we discussed the best sessions we’d seen during the day and our plans for the rest of the event. All in all, it was a great ending to a great day!

Get Ready for SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference 2015!

Well the biggest SAP event of the year is finally here!The Dolphin team has arrived in Orlando FL to spend the next few days at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference. On Monday, the team spent the day at the SAP Partner Summit with other SAP partners and had the chance to reconnect with our partners including PBS Software, who were also at the event.

We are also pleased to congratulate our partners Innovapptive who were presented with 2015 SAP® Pinnacle Award for Application Development Partner of the Year while at the event.

Early Tuesday morning, the team will be on site as SAP CEO Bill McDermott makes the opening keynote. For those of you who cannot join us, you can live stream the event. The action starts at 9 AM ET and goes until 10:30 AM.

We are thrilled that several Dolphin customers were selected to present at this year’s event and encourage everyone to attend and find out more about the way these customers are using Dolphin data solutions to improve business performance. The sessions will be held at the following days and times:

Tuesday, May 5 | 12:30 pm | Room: S331C
Coca-Cola Enterprises’ ILM Strategy that delivers Faster Performance, Easier System Migrations and Improved Transparency

Wednesday, May 6 | 4:15 pm | Room: S319
Big Lots will present on Simplifing Sales Audits by Associating POS Receipts Directly with SAP Financials

For those that drop by the Dolphin booth (427) during the show, we’re sure you’ll love the contest we’ve planned with Innovapptive. Individuals can create an invoice @ the Dolphin booth and then approve it @ the Innovapptive booth (431) using the Dolphin Mobile Approval App, powered by Innovapptive. Contestants have the chance to win an Apple Watch – Sport – so be sure to drop by and qualify for this great giveaway!

Hope to see you in Orlando.

Dolphin Goes Global at Financials 2015 & SAP Forum Brazil

Well the Dolphin team is going to opposite ends of the earth today to find out what’s new in SAP. You can find the Dolphin team at either of these premiere events:

  • SAPinsider Financials 2015, Las Vegas, NV
  • SAP Forum Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Be sure to stop by our booth at either event and say Hi!

SAPinsiders Financials 2015, Las Vegas, NV

Drop by the Dolphin Booth (#1025) and learn about Dolphin’s latest customer success stories in the optimizing processes for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Management, and Finance and Administration.

A highlight of the SAPinsider Financials show will be:

Gretchen Kincade of GE Power and Water’s presentation
How GE Water is turning accounts payable into a strategic corporate entity
Thursday, March 19, 2015
3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Room: La Tache

We also have several Dolphin sessions while at the show:

Brian Shannon, Principal Process Consultant
Streamline cash management with improved invoice-to-pay processes

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
10:30 AM – 11:45 AM
Room: Mouton 2

See Brian’s Ask the Experts Session:
Wednesday, March 18, 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

Terri Bold, Principal Solution Delivery
Strategies and lessons for automating and optimizing accounts payable

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
11:30 AM – 12:45 PM
Room: Alsace 1

See Terri’s Ask the Experts Session:
Tuesday, March 17, 6:15 pm – 7:00 pm


SAP Forum Brazil, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Werner Hopf, CEO of Dolphin will be in Sao Paulo, Brazil with our partner Sonda, to introduce Latin America’s SAP users to its industry-best Data Volume Management and Business Process Optimization solutions.

We look forward to meeting everyone at these shows this week and will be updating you on what is new and exciting in the world of SAP shortly.


Big Data Jolts the Utility Industry

lightningbolt The increasing ubiquity of smart home meters and other remote sensing technologies is creating a torrent of data for the Utility industry. Many companies are shocked to see the impact that Big Data has on systems: performance degrades and the cost of storage skyrockets. At the same time, the industry is searching for ways to capitalize on this new found information to transform their business and deliver better service to their customers.

In his latest article, Dolphin CEO, Dr. Werner Hopf discusses the impact of Big Data in the Utility industry. He emphasizes the importance of having a data volume management strategy in place to control the flow of information through SAP systems.

Read the article in this month’s POWERGRID International magazine.


Running simply every day . . . in Life and in SAP

I like to run. I like simple. Ergo…oh wait, let’s not jump there just yet.


There is something calming about running for me. My runner’s closet is equipped with a multitude of patterned footwear. Selecting the right shoe for the weather, the terrain and the distance are decisions I love to make. The route – that’s usually easy – hills or no? Short or long run? Outside or treadmill? Throw in a handy phone app that logs miles and prioritizes music, and I am ready for the run. A few decisions must be made, but for the most part it is an opportunity to undertake an activity that yields great results but hazards few input conundrums.
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Brian’s Q&A Session on Optimizing AP and AR Processes


In the rush of activity at the end of the year, it’s hard to think about optimizing AP and AR processes. However, I’m sure the idea danced like “sugar plum fairies” through the heads of many AP and AR staff and managers as they struggled with cumbersome, manual processes as they tried to close the books on 2014.

Find out how to make year end in 2015 faster and easier by reviewing Brian Shannon’s recent Q&A session on Optimizing AP and AR processes with SAPinsider. In this chat transcript Brian shares his advice on the importance of process optimization in helping organizations contain costs and improve cash flow. He also discusses how organizations can fully leverage SAP systems to optimize near-cash business processes for 2015.

Dr. Werner Hopf Speaks on Controlling Explosive Data Growth at TechEd && d-code

This week the Dolphin team is busy at the SAP TechEd && d-code conference, where we’re meeting with SAP developers and experts and learning about the latest and greatest updates that are coming to the SAP ecosystem.

CTO, Vishal Awasthi presented on Dolphin’s Imaging and Document Management solution at his session “Lightweight Document Management: Lower Cost, Less Complexity, Improved UX”, which was well attended.

CEO, Dr. Werner Hopf presented on “Big Data Management and Storage Strategies Critical to SAP HANA Performance”, where he discussed strategies for controlling explosive data growth in SAP systems. If you couldn’t make it to the show and see Dr. Hopf present in person, be sure to take a look at his interview with ASUG News on the show floor, where he discusses this pressing issue for today’s organizations.

Does the thought of Disruptive Innovation Have you on Edge?

In his keynote at Sapphire NOW, Hasso Platner spoke about change in SAP systems and applications not only being a good thing, but essential. He used the term,  ‘Disruptive Innovation’, an expression that often has management and staff alike shuddering at thoughts of what this means to their daily work existence.

As SAP solutions evolve and take advantage of new technologies, customers evolve as well. And, the change can be disruptive in a good way. What everyone wants to avoid is true disruption of ‘business as usual’. How do organizations avoid the pain of change?  They don’t. They plan for it. By planning, they can avoid the worst of disruption and cultivate a formula for transition.

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How Many Invoices Do You Auto Post? Find Out with Dolphin’s Auto Post Status Report

As anyone who caught Marie Bourns’ presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference knows, touchless processing is a goal for many Accounts Payable departments. Now you can find out how many invoices your Accounts Payable department is auto posting by using Dolphin’s new Auto Post Status report.

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Top 5 Ways to Get Business Users Excited about SAP® Data Archiving


Data archiving is an essential part of any data volume management strategy. It reduces the amount of data in online systems, driving faster system performance and lowering system costs. However, it can be difficult to convince business users of the importance of data archiving if they are worried they won’t be able to access the data when they need it.

To get business users support for data archiving, it is important to address their concerns about data retrieval after archiving.
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Dear Santa,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  With winter weather testing us weeks before the holidays all over North America, we are left with little option but to write to dear old Santa and see if he and some elves might not make our season of joy just a little bit brighter.

Such was the initiative shown in a request submitted by a good-natured customer who was looking for further process optimization by addressing a letter to our North Pole headquarters.[Continue Reading]

Spotlight on Oil & Gas Industry: Managing SAP Data and Processes to Maximize Business Efficiency

Harnessing the power of Big Data is an overwhelming challenge for even the most disciplined enterprise. However, the task grows more complicated in highly regulated industries such as Oil and Gas / Energy Services, where incredibly large volumes of data are simultaneously being created, shared and processed from locations across the globe. System performance is paramount, and it’s critical that all data be available and accessible when needed, or the process can break down.[Continue Reading]

Patches? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Patches?

My friend has a cat named ‘Patches’. She is a sweet, adorable little nugget of goodness. But Patches can be demanding—she needs to be fed, have something cozy to nuzzle up against, and unlike most cats, she actually demands attention day and night. Stick with me, this is going somewhere. I promise.

Software, like Patches, is a wonderful thing. [Continue Reading]

Big Data, Data Growth—Too much of a good thing

Too much of a good thing typically hurts. Gorging on a second serving of pumpkin pie; guzzling a third hot toddy at the office holiday party; doing dozens of sit-ups as penance for it all.

Data is no different despite its obvious value to your business. Most major corporations today rely on real-time information to operate effectively, but the data being collected—Big Data—is growing faster than many companies can manage it. [Continue Reading]

Anyone can tell you how great they are. That’s easy. The hard part is proving it.

That’s why companies seeking an SAP solution provider should demand references. When you speak with a long-time or recent customer, you get the real story about their level of satisfaction. And, you’ll learn about the nuances that made their situation and purchasing decision unique. Often you’ll find that your own organization shares some similar challenges and can learn best practices from others in the business.[Continue Reading]