Hubbell Inc. Archives Data to Balance Fiscal Responsibility with Performance

Tom Shupe, Director Technical Services at Hubbell Incorporated describes how the company stays ahead of the curve on their data growth. He shares their experiences with data archiving and PBS archive software for retrieval in a hosted environment. [marketo-fat form="455"]


Hubbell Inc. Archives Data to Balance Fiscal Responsibility with Performance

Tom Shupe, Director Technical Services at Hubbell Incorporated describes how the company stays ahead of the curve on their data growth. He shares their experiences with data archiving and PBS archive software for retrieval in a hosted environment.

Amcor Rigid Plastics’ Data Archiving Success

Rob Bobba, Senior SAP Business Analyst from Amcor Rigid Plastics, and Jim Paschke, Data Archiving Team Lead from Dolphin, discuss how Amcor lowered platform costs and accelerated performance by implementing a solid and robust data archiving strategy.

Daimler Trucks’ Efficient Data Volume Management

Roche LaTulippe, Integration Architect, Daimler Trucks North America, LLC, discusses Daimler’s archive storage architecture, strategy, implementation approach and the cost savings generated through archiving.

The webcast includes:

  • How Daimler Trucks addressed specific requirements in their business processes
  • Strategies applied to overcome end-user pushback to archiving
  • Incorporation of customer-defined tables into the archiving strategy
  • Approach for managing archive storage
  • Daimler Trucks’ results—archiving successfully to generate space and savings

Johns Hopkins’ Data Archiving Project from Start to Finish

Zack Rose, from Johns Hopkins University, takes a soup-to-nuts approach defining how the university planned and managed their data archiving project in their complex environment: identifying staffing requirements; how they evaluated and selected third-party solutions prior to the implementation; the overall effort by the organization; and the most significant areas of improvement, including database size reduction and associated cost savings.

The webcast covers:

  • Understanding what data archiving includes
  • Selecting the appropriate scope
  • Coordinating the necessary resources
  • Executing a cohesive set of tests
  • Communicating an accurate message to those affected

Southern California Edison Migrates SAP BW to HANA adding Nearline Storage and Archiving

Hear Ron Grabyan, Manager Data Warehousing Services, describe how Southern California Edison approached migrating BW to HANA and its HANA implementation, and why SCE added an NLS strategy to control growth and achieve payback.

Pacific Drilling Addresses International Growth with a Scalable Accounts Payable Processing Solution

Email, manual signatures, and a hard copy filing system were the standard tools used to manage the accounts payable workflow needs of the company that operates the most contemporary and technologically advanced drillship fleet in the world.

In this ASUG webcast, John Mazza of Pacific Drilling and Brian Shannon of Dolphin demonstrate how moving to a more efficient, standardized global process helped Pacific Drilling’s AP department meet its business objectives so it could scale to accommodate rapid international growth and deliver real cost savings through improved use of cash.

Learn how Pacific Drilling optimized its Accounts Payable processes by:

  • Digitizing invoices and content
  • Introducing intelligent coding and routing of transactions
  • Speeding up approvals and exception processing
  • Enabling advanced AP analytics

From Vision to Reality: Bourns Inc. Extends the Benefits of “Touchless Processing in SAP Accounts Payable

For Bourns, a global manufacturer of electronic components, the goal was to go beyond ‘paperless’ in Accounts Payable to achieve touchless processing in its SAP environment.

In this ASUG Webcast, Marie Bourns of Bourns, Inc. shares the details of their journey to find a solution that met their CFO’s mandates of eliminating paper and manual ‘touches’. She discusses how they automate the exception process and benefits from real time visibility enabling the ability to handle discrepancies as well as employee expense processing.

Marie describes their course from roadmap to realization documenting the value gained in addition to lessons learned. In particular attendees will learn about Bourns’ unique approaches to reach “touch-less processing” using Dolphin’s Process Tracking System for Accounts Payable which delivers options such as auto post within tolerances.

The next step for Bourns is rolling out the automation solution to its 15 global entities across Central and South America, Europe and Asia quickly and effortlessly.

Vishay Intertechnology Gets Users to Embrace AP Optimization

When Vishay Intertechnology transformed its manual invoice process into a fully optimized and centralized process, it wanted to ensure that the Accounts Payable staff and affected business users were ready for the changes to come.

Learn how the company implemented a program to teach Vishay’s “old dogs” some “new tricks” so it could maximize the benefits from its AP process improvements and:

  • Gain greater insight and control of invoice processing across six different locations
  • Scale business easily to accommodate new vendors and global business units
  • Increase the auto-posting rate and reduce the overall cost per invoice

Learn how with a well-planned roll out and a good sense of humor the Vishay Intertechnology team managed to achieve essential process improvements that resulted in lower processing costs, faster invoice processing times, and better controls, so the company could support its continuing growth and strategic objectives.

How Back Office Efficiencies Sweeten The Bottom Line

Food Manufacturing, August 2012
Dr. Werner Hopf

The complex processes that characterize the food and beverage industry pose a variety of challenges including low profit margins, perishable products, stringent government regulations and changing consumer tastes.

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Can You Win the War Against Data Volume Growth?

Dolphin’s Cloud Solution for Archived Data Can Help You Negotiate a Truce
Vishal Awasthi

In today’s dynamic business environment, data is being created faster than companies are willing — or able — to destroy it. What’s more, the appetite for real-time information commands IT to make data accessible whenever and wherever it is needed.

Lowered Costs or Improved Performance?

SAPinsider, Feb/Mar 2011
Dr. Werner Hopf

Every company wants to make better business decisions. That’s why enterprises are implementing business intelligence (BI) applications like SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) and using them to consolidate vast quantities of information, facilitate reporting and analytics, and enable smarter decision making on the business side. But what about IT?