e-Invoicing for SAP Accounts Payable: Towards True Paper-free Vendor Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable, with its manual, paper-based operations, has much to gain from automation. The process is time-consuming, repetitive and error prone. More urgently, the people responsible for the process have no visibility into it and cannot be assured of getting timely, accurate information on demand. Yet, too many organizations have not realized the full value of process automation initiatives or not undertaken them at all. This white paper details inefficiencies and obstacles in Accounts Payable focused around invoice capture and processing. Highlighting solutions available to automate and optimize the “invoice-to-pay” portion of the process, we discuss options that bring us closer toward a true paper-free environment. Financial & Process Excellence is only possible when paper is truly eliminated. Please fill out the form to access the White Paper. [marketo-fat form="311"]